Health Benefits of Sake #1 October 21 2013



Reading this book by Dr Takizawa, there are so many health benefits to #sake

Here is Part 1 of the Health Benefits of Sake.
Amino acids in Sake remove tiredness
Sake, made from rice under natural climate, contains many nourishing natural ingredients. Among these ingredients, the variety and quantity of amino acids in Sake are much larger than any other alcoholic drinks all over the world.
Amino acids constitutes cells of the human body as well as hormones and enzymes that play key roles in maintaining the human health. For instance, amino acids help keep the stomach sturdy and prompt a good appetite.
Amino acids have been found to suppress the production of lactic acid, which causes tiredness and weariness. In addition, amino acids promote the discharge of ammonia, which dulls the brain. When you feel tired after hard work or exercise, a cup of Sake will refresh you with the help of amino acids.