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Brewery focus of the month: OBATA SHUZO

Do you also know that Rumiko Obata-san, who is currently managing Obata Shuzo, is the 5th generation of the Obata family? Isn't it incredible!

Rumiko-san will be visiting Singapore this month so stay tuned to know how you are able to meet her in person!

Click here for more information on OBATA SHUZO & MANOTSURU sake!


Discount code validity: 1st September - 30th September 2015
Delivery charge of $15 will be waived for orders S$150 & above.
All orders are subjected to availability. While stocks last.

For order enquiries, please call 6296 0073 or email us at

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Excellent Spanish- Sake Pairing at Don Quijote

As a newbie who just joined Inter Rice family, I was really glad I participated this Spanish- Sake Paring at Don Quijote last night!!!!! 


These are the sake we use for the pairing.

Yellow paint, brickwork, simple and spacious design creates a very homely style of dinning. Nice dark wooden bar gives a earthy and grounded feeling.


First course was Japanese Prawn Tapa paired with Imayotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo Supreme. With the clean and smooth taste of Imayotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo Supreme, it brought out the fresh taste of the onions and the prawn!


Second course was Scallop& crab meats in Bechamel Sauce paired with Imayosukasa Junmai Ginjo. Who doesn't like Bechamel sauce!!!! Creamy but still retaining the taste of scallops and crab. Ricey taste of Junmai Ginjo went well with the dish.


Third Course was Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig with Musashino Tokubetsu Honjozo. Personally I prefer this pairing the most. The suckling pig was very well done, the pig skin was super crispy. Musashino Tokubetsu Honjozo took away the oiliness. The spinach with currants was tasty.


Fourth course Tenderloin Steak Cubes with Blue Cheese Sauce pair with Ichishima Karen Umeshu. Ichishima Karen Umeshu is my all time favourite, not too sweet not too sour. This was the most unorthodox yet interesting paring and it came out very well! 


Last but not lease we have Paella DQ Especiale with Imayotsukasa Jumai. Rich taste of Imayotsukasa Junmai brought out the strong flavourful Paella overflowing with seafood. 

Look at the way our Sake Sommelier, Adrian enjoyed the food. I guess i don't need to tell you how tasty it was XP.


Mr Ken drawn out two prizes provide by Inter Rice Asia!!! Congratulations to lucky ones!!


We will see you at our next event:D!!!!

- Carla Yang

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INTER RICE TOP FIVE: Sake Boss' Top 5 Favourite Japanese Dishes in SG

Let's face it. The only thing better than drinking in the Japanese culture is eating while you drink it in.

We, the team at Inter-Rice Asia, asked one of our Sake bosses - Adrian Goh (who is not only the company's sake sommelier, but also one of the biggest Japanese food-lovers you will ever meet) - what his favourite Oishi dishes in Singapore are.

He looked quite stressed when we told him that he could only pick FIVE favourites, but he finally did it!


Understandably, it is very tough to narrow down all the Oishi goodness in Singapore to this INTER RICE TOP FIVE selection, but this is some of Adrian's current favourites and we are sure there will be many more. 


These are some of the Top 5 Japanese Dishes in Singapore that we really want to eat RIGHT NOW.

    • #1
      Ikyu at Yong Siak Street. They do french fusion Japanese cuisine. They do a scallop carpaccio with truffle and soy oil, the combination bursts with umami. It is even better when paired with a complex rich Daiginjo sake, like the Kiminoi Daiginjo."

      Pic credit:

    • #2
      I’m a big fan of Tomi Sushi. They do excellent sushi at very reasonable prices. They don’t skimp on ingredients and use top grade koshihikari rice from Niigata, along with fresh grinded wasabi. Japanese food in Singapore hardly gets better than this."

      Pic credit:
    • #3 
      I love going to Ginza Kuroson for their lunch set. Their fish is always fresh from Japan, probably because their parent company is a Japanese seafood exporter. I like a nice dry karakuchi Ginjo - perhaps from Manotsuru or Tenryohomare - to go with their food."

      Pic credit:

    • #4
      Nobuya is a small, well hidden Izakaya at Fortune Centre. Their grilled kurobota pork cheek is really awesome. Nice silky texture, with a bit of crisp and crunchiness to it. Great with a nice premium sake like the Musashino Tokubetsu Honjozo."

      Pic credit:
    • #5
      "Another quaint place is Tenza Izakaya. They used to be at Sunset Way before moving to Chun Tin Road, just opposite Beauty World. Their speciality is their Pork Katsu, but they also have an extensive seasonal menu. This goes well with a flavorful Junmai, like the Imayotsukasa." 

      Pic credit:

What do you think our sake boss should try next? What are YOUR top five favourite Japanese dishes in Singapore?

Follow THE INTER RICE ASIA FACEBOOK PAGE here for special treats, eats and drinks too.

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Event Photos for Don Quijote Sake Pairing Dinner 2nd July 2014

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