Musashino Shuzo was founded by the Kobayashi family in 1916. Located in Joetsu, Niigata, it enjoys deep cold winters, soft natural water from the Myoko mountains. It uses sake rice grown only from this town, making it a very boutique style sake. The company motto is to “Brew a sake you never get tired of drinking (Nomiaki Shinai Osake)”.

1916 is the current Kobayashi house took on the Musashino Brewery (then Musashino Shuzo store).The Sakekabu system that continues from the Edo period to the early Meiji era, if you do not have a Sakekabu it is not possible to make a drink. Now that the founder of the training in the Edo returns to Echigo of the land, part of Sakekabu is handed down, it is said to be the beginning of the naming of the Musashino Brewery.

All happy with our lucky draw winners during the Musashino sake dinner pairing event, held with Hisashi-san during his visit, at Tomi Sushi Novena.