About Us

Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd entered the market in 2008 as a distributor of premium Japanese alcohol in Singapore. We import high quality Japanese sake from boutique sake breweries all over Japan, mainly from Niigata Prefecture, which prides itself to be the "Burgundy" region in Japan.

We have since developed a new direction in promoting Japanese sake in Singapore, and to educate others on how to enjoy this amazing beverage. Selected brands and types of premium sake are introduced to local restaurants and pubs, giving a wider variety of options to the more discerning customers in Singapore. Private collectors of wine are beginning to also show interest in Japanese sake and learning how to enjoy the finer ones. 

Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd has set up an online store in 2013 aiming to serve our customers better. Our team is very active in both sales and events, and we always make sure to deliver on time, every time. Seven-day a work week is very common.


Adrian Goh is the Marketing Director of Inter Rice Asia and a certified sake sommelier. He has pursued his ever-growing passion for Japanese sake by visiting many breweries in Japan, and also attending various international sake sommelier courses. He is accredited by the Sake Service Institute, Sake Education Council and the Sake Sommelier Association.

Adrian frequently conducts talks, seminars, workshop and food pairing events to increase appreciation for not only Japanese Sake, but also its history and culture.